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Every Bead Tells a Story

Every Bead tells a Story....What is it about bead bracelets that draws our eyes to them, makes us want to add more beads to them? Women have been collecting charms for centuries and bead bracelets are simply a new way of collecting memories on your wrist. We all have a story to tell, a memory to preserve and favorite colors we love to wear. Beads are a fun, fantastic to show your personal style, your history, your memories on your wrist. Decorate your arms, your necks, and now even your ears with Beads. Choose from Murano Glass Beads, Silver Beads, Two Tone Beads and even Crystal Beads to adorn your jewelry.

  • You can add as few or many beads that will fit on a 7 or 8 inch length bracelet. Many women create theme bead bracelets, showcasing the many moods, or themes of their lives.
  • Measure your wrist, then add 1" - 1"5" to the length if wearing regular silver beads, or add 2" if you are adding murano glass beads, as murano glass beads are thicker in diameter. Also another way to measure your wrist, is to measure your watch (most women wear watches tight) and add an inch or two to the length.
  • Adult bracelets thickness and Kids Bracelets thickness is very different. You cannot wear a kids bead on an adult bracelet. Most Adult bracelets measure 3.0mm diameter, whereas Kids Bracelets measures 2.00mm diameter.
  • Our Bead Bracelets come in two types of clasps - lobster claw clasp or a Hinged Clasp.
  • Hole size of most adult beads are 3.00mm -4.00mm hole size.
  • Adult beads diameter varies by the bead, but most measure approx 13.25mm
  • Hole size of most kids beads are 2.00mm -3.25mm hole size.
  • Kids beads diameter varies by the bead, but most measure approx 10.00mm
  • Yes! Our beads fit most all competing bracelets. Whether you have a Biagi Bracelet, Pandora Bracelet, Chamilia Bracelet, SimStars Bracelet, Troll Bracelet or even a Zable Bracelet - We have had no reports than there are any bead bracelets our beads do not fit.
  • Always clean your silver beads with a silver polishing cloth or a soft 100% cotton cloth. Do not use cleaning solution or harsh chemicals on your beads or bracelet.
  • Most bracelets have one end that unscrews and you can simply slide your beads onto your bracelet. Our bangles, both ends unscrew.
  • We carry over 5,000 different style beads. Bali Beads is a bead with a closed ring, created in Bali, Indonesia. Clip Beads are beads that open and lock in place to prevent your beads from moving around on your bracelet. Connector Beads are used when joining two bracelets together. Dangle Beads are beads that have a charm dangle from the bead. Dichroic Glass Beads are colorful glass beads that typically showcase various colors of the rainbow. Glass Beads are made of glass, in various colors. Murano Glass Beads are made in Murano, Italy. Spacer Beads are beads that are used to space in between other beads. Crystal Beads are beads that have crystals to show off some sparkle and color. Security Chains are two beads connected by a small chain, that you usually wear at the end of your bracelet and its an added security, so that if your bracelet comes unlatched, your beads will not fall off.
  • Stopper Beads are just that - they stop the other beads from sliding around the bracelet. Stopper beads come in various shapes and sizes. Some have a rubber grip core, so they stay in place.
  • Clip Beads are similar to stopper beads, only they actually open up and clip on to wherever you want to add them instead of sliding on the bracelet, they clip on! They do the same thing as stopper beads, they hold your other beads in place.
  • Murano Glass Beads, are made in Murano, Italy.
  • Dichroic Glass Beads have two main colors, however these beads can showcase an entire rainbow of colors, when viewed at different angles.
  • Absolutely! We have charm carrier beads, which make it really easy to add your charms to your beaded bracelet!
  • Most of our beads are made of Sterling Silver, some have 14K Gold Accents on them, as well as Birthstones, Glass, Murano Glass, Enamel and even crystals.
  • A smart bracelet is a bracelet that comes with 2 stopper beads, that easily slide on the bracelet, so you can move your beads in place easily.
  • Our beads work great on Necklaces, Omega Chains, Silver Chains, Rubber Cords and even Earrings. Our Silver Ring makes it super easy to change your bead, to match your outfit! You can even add beads to our accessory clip, so you can add them to your cell phone or zipper pulls.
  • Yes they sure do! We carry both Watch beads and watch sets. You can start with the watch set, then add beads to change the look and your style without giving up that lovely timepiece.
  • Most all our beads are covered under some warranty from our vendors. This varies depending on the Manufacturer. See the item page description for full details. We only sell the highest quality beads and have never had our beads returned for lack of qualtiy.

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